Food Service Fresh Meats

Dedication to Quality

Fresh beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry and other specialty offerings, coupled with our aging program and hand trimmed portion control options, make Specialty Steak Service unmatched in fresh meats.

Some of our featured products and brands...

Real steak aficionados crave the succulent, mouthwatering taste that can only come from properly aged beef. To honor the true steak lover, we proudly introduce “Angus Reserve”. Aged a targeted 30 days and hand selected for superior marbling, these steaks will provide a truly superior eating experience.

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Food Service Fresh Meats

Premium Pork

3/S Premium Pork products meet all USDA natural standards, which prohibit the use of artificial ingredients and require minimal processing. 3/S Premium Pork is hand-selected for optimum muscle pH, color, marbling, firmness, texture and size. The rigorous selection process stresses consistency and delivers 100% all natural, premium pork.

Precooked Meats

Hand trimmed, vacuum sealed meats,
evenly cooked slow and low in their own juices.
Consistently tender, juicy and flavorful product.

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All Natural Chicken

Barn roaming on Amish family farms. Chicken the way it used to be, without hormones or antibiotics. 100% vegetarian feed and GMO free.

Chestnut Farms® Chicken

Our juicy, pan ready chicken breast is ideal for the busy kitchen.
Chicken appears on most every menu in America and Chestnut Farms®
is the brand for quality and consistency.

Chestnut Farms Chicken

Authentic New York Style Deli Meats

Hand trimmed, vacuum sealed meats evenly cooked slow and low
in their own juices. Consistently tender, juicy and flavorful product.

Penn Gold Signature Marinade

Exclusive to Specialty Steak Service. Available as a steak or steak tips,
this marinade offers a flavor profile that accentuates the beef
and complements your dish.

Penn Gold Marinated
Smashers Burgers

Smashers® Burgers

A proprietary blend of aged steak trimmings from ribeye, sirloin, short rib and tenderloin. Individually cryovaced in a “ball” and ready to smash.

Country Oven® Meatloaf

Our meatloaf is made right here at Specialty Steak Service using our own recipe. A unique item for those looking for a classic comfort food addition to their menu.


Burgers and Specialty Grinds

We offer a variety of specialty ground beef. These special blends create a subtle flavor profile and bite ideal for your signature burgers and meatballs.
Find a blend that is perfect for you.

Specialty Grinds

Buono Cielo® Veal

Sourced from an extensive network of suppliers to ensure we are producing from the highest quality available.

Fresj Veal

Buono Cielo® Lamb

Formula fed lamb chops, racks and shanks.

Fresh Lamb

Our Facilities

Independently Owned and Operated

Our ownership and family of employees have an unwavering commitment to quality, customers and the community.

HAACP Approved

With 75,000 square feet of cutting, aging and storage space, we follow our federally approved HAACP plan to ensure an unbroken cold chain.

Professional Cutters

Our journeyman meat cutters are professionally trained to understand your specific needs.


The most advanced processing equipment and  the finest packaging in the industry.

U.S.D.A Inspected

Every product is inspected and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, our cutters continually inspect for cleanliness and quality during processing.

Food Service Fresh Meats

Aged Beef

Our temperature controlled aging process is one of our most valued traditions, and for good reason. Aging beef is the time-honored process of storing beef under perfect conditions so it undergoes a natural transition that intensifies the flavor and significantly enhances the tenderness of the muscle.

Portion Control

Our portion control program means you get the steak you want and the trim you want...fast.
Our journeyman meat cutters do the labor for you - trimming beautiful steaks down to perfectly trimmed portions. You know your true cost per steak, and supplier side portion control
means easier, predictable inventory for you.

Our People

Our people are truly the pride of Specialty Steak/Brandt Meats. All beef is hand selected and cut by journeyman meat cutters that are at the top of their craft and qualified by our ownership. Our packers adhere to very strict specifications and take pride in delivering a product that you will be proud to serve.

Safety through technology

Blue Beam Photohydroionization Technology

Blue Beam™ Photohydroionization Technology combines two types of UV rays and moisture to create ionization activity that significantly reduces microorganisms.